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If your van and its contents are vital to your income, then you should carefully consider the addition of aftermarket security locks/products, to safeguard your vehicle and it’s contents.

Maximising the security of your vehicle is a vital part in you protecting your business, by safeguarding your materials, tools and assets, against the current theft epidemic.

Proud to be working in partnership with VAN GUARD. High Quality. British Made.

Key Safe Auto Locksmiths are approved suppliers and fitters of VAN GUARD high security vehicle solutions.

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As industry leading automotive locksmiths, we are proud to work in partnership with VAN GUARD – industry leading suppliers of van lock and security products.

Founded in 1976, and Made In Britain, VAN GUARD are established as leaders in their field. As authorised suppliers and fitters of VAN GUARD products, we can be confident our clients are receiving the very highest quality of security solutions on the market, at a fair price.

Proud to provide security solutions that display the marque SECURED BY DESIGN (SBD) – an accreditation scheme on behalf of the UK Police for products and services which have met recognised security standards. All SBD products must be independently tested and verified, before the certification marque of SBD can be displayed. Product testing and certification has become more important today than ever to ensure you are provided with the very best security solutions for your needs. Additionally, VAN GUARD products are made with the SBD accredited Dormakaba cylinder – a patented petxtra+ cylinder and key, offering significantly increased protection, through the use of hardened elements and drilling protection pins. The keys supplied can not be copied or cut on the open market. Unique Branch Groove Protection defends against know methods of unauthorised manipulation including; Anti-Drill, Anti-Pick and Anti-Bump.

From your initial enquiry, to completion, we aim to ensure the process is quick, seamless and hassle free. Talk directly to a van security expert, who can advise you of the most effective security locks or products suited to your vehicle, and your own needs. Book your install at a time and location that suits you. We know time is money.

Working in Partnership with VAN GUARD, Key Safe Auto Locksmiths are perfectly placed to assist you, whatever your requirements. You can be confident that your van is in the hands of authorised suppliers and fitters of VAN GUARD products – The UK’s leading and trusted provider of enhanced vehicle security.

VAN GUARD. Made In Britain Campaign member. Master Locksmiths Association Affiliate Member. Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders Member. ISO 90001 Registered Manufacturer. ISO 14001 Registered UK Manufacturer.

Why Choose Key Safe Auto Locksmiths?

Safe Guard

If your vehicle and its contents are your livelihood then safeguarding it is of paramount importance. Adding high quality additional security to your vehicle will provide you with peace of mind.

Trusted Partnership

Proud to Partner with VAN GUARD, founded in 1976, Made In Britain. Through continuous innovation and development VAN GUARD have cemented their place as leaders in the vehicle security industry. Quality and value for money, guaranteed.


As specialists in Van security, we understand that our aftercare, is as important as the product and the fitting itself. We provide both care kits as well as aftersales support and advice. Peace of mind. For a long time.


Although the option is there, the process of fitting aftermarket additional security, requires specialist skills and equipment, in order to achieve the precise nature of installation that is required. Also consider that the installation process requires permanent modifications to your vehicle, which if done incorrectly can cause irreparable damage to your van doors. This is expensive to rectify, and also potentially may nullify your warranty, if your vehicle is under one. If you want the peace of mind additional van security brings, call the expert fitters at Key Safe Automotive Locksmiths on 0161 388 1588 and we’ll provide a quote.

We have a vast amount of high quality security solutions for you to choose from, to protect your vehicle and its contents. Find out more below:

  1. ULTI LOCK HOOKLOCK – Hook Locks are the next generation of van security locks and VAN GUARD offer the only accredited van Hooklock on the UK Market. Tested by Sold Secure, the UK’s most recognised premier testing and certification house, the ULTI Lock Hooklock has been awarded Gold Standard Status – the first van Hooklock of its kind. The hook style bolt offers higher protection against attempts of forced entry to gain access to your vehicle. Van Guard hook locks have been designed and tested to be the strongest on the market, with a completed pull test of 500GK, as well as bracketry made from powder coated industry leading 304 grade stainless steel. With 3 high security key’s supplied as standard, and all locks for the van keyed alike, this lock is available for almost all UK van and door types. For van owners, having ULTI Lock Hooklocks installed, it means you are truly maximising the security of your van with the very latest solution on the market, whilst also benefitting from lower insurance premiums. Call us on 0161 388 1588 for free advice and a no obligation quote.

    View Ulti Lock Hooklock Image
  2. VAN DEADLOCKS – Given deadlocks are the most popular mechanical method of adding upgraded security to your Van, we offer and fit a comprehensive range of deadlocks, which are available for almost all van makes/models on the UK market. Fitted to the door and connecting body panel, this creates an additional secure locking point, placed in the best possible position to deter theft. Not only does the additional locking point add physical security, but also acts as a visual deterrent. VAN GUARD deadlocks are model and door specific, with bracketry made of high quality grade 304 Stainless Steel, supplied with a high security key, with all locks keyed alike and fitted by Key Safe Auto Locksmiths – authorised fitters of VAN GUARD products. Call us on 0161 388 1588 for your no obligation quote.

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  3. VAN SLAM LOCKS – The next most popular aftermarket security fit after deadlocks; slamlocks will automatically lock the van door when shut. This is ideal for those transporting high value goods, or multi-drop drivers. Slamlocks will also allow access to doors independently, meaning, using the key to open the side door where the slamlock has been fitted, will not automatically unlock the rear door, leaving less chance of opportunist thieves striking. VAN GUARD slamlocks are made with a quality grade 304 Stainless Steel, supplied with a high quality security key made with solid nickel, designed for ease of use, but stronger and more resistant to lock picking. Slamlocks are specific to each make and model of van, therefore bracketry is bespoke, ordered and installed by Key Safe Auto Locksmiths – authorised fitters of VAN GUARD products. Call us on 0161 388 1588, for your no obligation quote.

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  4. VAN SLAM HANDLES – Factory fitted plastic door handles are often identified as weak and an easy entry point for thieves. Slamhandles add increased protection and security to this vulnerable point on your van. VAN GUARD’S range of slamhandles are a stainless steel replacement for your plastic handle, powder coated in a hard wearing black finish. The slamhandles come with a slamlock style locking mechanism, which is located either into the handle, or separate, depending on the OEM handle. Supplied and fitted by your local approved VAN GUARD specialist, Key Safe Automotive Locksmiths. Call us now on 0161 388 1588 with details of your enquiry, for your free no obligation quote.

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  5. FORD REPLACEMENT LOCKS – A must for Ford Van owners, the Ford Replacement Locks are designed specifically as a high security direct replacement of standard factory fitted drivers door locks for the Ford Transit MK8 and Transit Custom. Renowned as vulnerable attack points, standard factory fitted door locks have become a target for thieves and prone to being picked and the cylinder turned. This unlocks the van and allows quick and easy access to the cab. Furthermore, access to the cab is all that is required to unlock and steal the contents of the back load area. VAN GUARD Ford Replacement Locks are made from stainless steel, anti-drill and anti-pick, designed to stop the grip and spin method of entry used by thieves. They can be keyed to any other VAN GUARD Locks fitted on the vehicle and are often used in conjunction with slamlocks, deadlocks and loom guards, to provide an extra layer of security against thieves. Call us on 0161 388 1588 with details of your enquiry and we will be happy to provide you with a no obligation quote.

    View Ford Replacement Locks Image
  6. VAN LOOM GUARDS – Historically thieves have cut vans wiring looms in the hope that this will unlock the vehicle, especially Fords being particularly vulnerable. Despite the recent security upgrade, which has stopped doors unlocking following the wiring having been cut, wiring looms are still being targeted regardless, resulting in expensive damage. VAN GUARD loom guards are a low cost, yet highly effective security upgrade, which are often used in conjunction with other aftermarket security products to give you added peace of mind and protection. Call us on 0161 388 1588 with details of your vehicle and we will be happy to advise you of the best product for you and provide a no obligation quote for the supply and fit of your loom guards.

    View Van Loom Guards Image
  7. ANTI-PEEL BRACKETS – The increased installation of security locks on Vans has made way for the recent “peel and steal” method of attacking van doors to gain entry, allowing access to the contents of the rear load area of your van. Anti-peel brackets are armoured brackets which are a low cost yet effective form of protection against this type of attack. Anti peel brackets are fitted on the opposing side to where the hook or deadlock is installed. Where the hook/deadlock provides a high level of protection at the point the where the door is most vulnerable, the anti-peel bracket stops thieves attempting to peel the door away from the opposite side to where the hook lock is installed. They can be fitted to both side doors as well as rear barn doors and when combined with a high mounted Hook Lock, Anti-Peel brackets will substantially increase the durability of both your vans side and back access points. For more information, call us on 0161 388 1588, no a no obligation quote or advice.

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Speak to a specialist. Specialist lock fitters of enhanced security locks will know what the right product is for your make, model and year of van. As well as this we will arrange for a specialist lock fitter to call and discuss your own needs and requirements, based on the type of usage required for the van, as well as information regarding the install process, alongside your no obligation quote. Give us a call on 0161 388 1588 with details of your enquiry and we will be happy to assist.

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